In the 1700’s the Swedish cavalry experimented with moose.

sweden                                                                                                                                                              “King Karl XI of Sweden considered mounting a cavalry regiment on moose, probably to take advantage of the terror they would strike into the hearts of enemy horses. No cannon and musket fire, no lances and sabers would be needed to disperse the enemy’s cavalry charge. The mere appearance of moose on the battleground would put the enemy’s cavalry into heedless flight. Alas, the king’s grand plan came to naught, and experiments in domesticating moose in this century make it evident why. Moose could never prosper as cavalry mounts because of their catastrophic susceptibility to livestock diseases, and because of the great difficulties in feeding moose properly”

Reading the above I became interested in finding out more about this indeed there were attempts to train moose cavalry and before I crush your dreams by stating why it failed look below.

moose drawn slay

Indeed moose can be trained and ridden with a saddle the reasons for them not being used are a few.

1# They are too smart. in the days of Muskets and powder A battle could be heard for miles and moose often refused to go anywhere near the field and would flee as soon as a moose fell in battle.

Other attempts were to use moose as livestock yielding the same result once a moose went inside the slaughter house and never returned moose would never be led anywhere near there again.

2# Feeding. Moose need a diet of forging. twigs, moss, water plants, a moose that isn’t aloud to roam for its food would die from eating just hay such as horses do.

3# And the most important reason.The rut. moose are the most dangerous beasts in the northern lands during this time and will attack anything that’s unlucky enough to wander too close.

Just remember from all this Moose cavalry haven’t seen battle…”Yet”

Swedish Moose Brigade

swedish moose cavalry

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